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 Tiered Pricing

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PostSubject: Tiered Pricing    Tiered Pricing  EmptyMon Mar 28, 2011 8:09 pm

We have lots of new consultants! cheers A few have had some confusion concerning the pricing tiers. Here is a copy of an email that I received from my upline. Take a look and post any questions!

Level 1- feel free to forward to your downlines

Heard lots of talk about 3-tiered pricing: Here's how I see it and I hope you will see it this way too. Smile

The 3 tiered pricing is to encourage people to order AT a party or get on the Q. It is an advantage for consultants. The is the biggest pull for the Q- You say, "would you like to keep this discounted party pricing for life? Then get on the Q." Use it to your advantage. If you show confusion, disagreement, or frustration your customers won't trust you and won't buy. Party pricing is a reward for coming to the party and for signing up on the Q. That's a great thing for consultants to say!!

When adding a customer on your backend, they will get Consultant website pricing which is the same as pricing on If they want that party pricing again, then they will have to call you to place the order (hassle) or GET ON THE Q (easy)! Q customers can shop on or off the Q with party pricing. This is awesome for them! They aren't committed to only shopping on the Q.

Exception for party pricing vs. website pricing: if your customer was added on your back end before March 1st, they will always get party pricing, lucky them, from here on out. Customers added on the back end get consultant website pricing unless they call you to make an order or set up a Q. You will earn a higher commission on these people, too.

It's all for our good Smile

Thank You,
Becky Powell
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Tiered Pricing
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